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Author Name: Mr. Sanwar Mal Mishra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

For example, Team Owners of football, boxing, baseball, rugby, wrestling basketball, volleyball, cricket and Olympic Games spend lots of money for trainer, physiotherapist, equipments etc. for sportspersons and on the scheduled day of the event, the person fails miserably despite having a good past records to compete with the rival – means all the effort and money spent are lost. It is because the person did not have a good night’s sleep. Sleep restores energy, stamina, strength, physical and mental tiredness. During restful sleep, cells heal and detoxify, and the body gets ready for the coming day.

Among bad behavior of people anger ranks the uppermost. Anger alone can bring the downfall of the person. No other negative trait is required. Did you notice that during anger, the breathing becomes fast because we take short breaths. As a result less oxygen reaches the body. Oxygen shortage causes irritability, erases good behavior and upsets you. 

One may be tempted to get good sleep after reading its several benefits. But you cannot buy sleep. It is not a commodity of trade or an article of commerce. Therefore, through this title, I am selling sleep and reaching the reader all what he needs to get a quality sleep. This book tells all the tricks and techniques of a good sleep.

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Mr. Sanwar Mal Mishra

Mr. Sanwar Mishra is a published author on spiritual and management subjects. 

His book “Beyond Vision” was published in 2004 by Minerva Press- London, New Delhi, Mumbai. His earlier title “Technology of Life” was published by Authorhouse, U.K. in 2010 and proved to be a more popular book abroad. His book “Stories and verses” was published in 2012. His recent book “Science of Spirituality” was published by Prakrit Bharati Academy in 2016.

Mr. Mishra is academically qualified with degrees in engineering