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Sojourn in Sub Zero

by Vasanth Gopalakrishnan

Format: Paperback

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When life offers you a chance to get on an adventure, just grab it with both hands. That’s what Sumathy and Vasanth, a run-of-the-mill Delhi couple did, when they bumped into an opportunity to visit Ladakh during winter.

Ladakh is a different place during winters. This is the story of the eight beautiful days that they spent in Leh. Follow this metropolitan couple, who rough it out as they travel in extreme sub-zero conditions of Ladakh and witness the local life and its idiosyncrasies. The Eureka moments happen almost at the drop of a hat. Be it waiting for the TV to warm up before the audio is on, heating up a frozen fuel pipe using kerosene stove or pouring hot tea inside the radiator to melt the frozen diesel. But there is more to it than this quirky side, as they also experience life over the edge…

Vasanth is a shameless daydreamer, biker and a family man, who lives in Delhi with his parents, wife and six-year-old son. He works in a multinational company and he invests his free time in travelling to faraway places on his Bullet. When he is not working or spending time with his family, you will find Vasanth gazing at an endless vista over a mountain top sitting on his Bullet and with a camera in his hand. In his twelve years of biking experience, he has been accompanied on his bike trips by a small coterie of friends and has completed both the Ladakh and Spiti circuits twice. He has recently taken up photography and writing as his other passions. Sojourn in Sub-Zero is his first attempt as an author. Vasanth dreams of travelling to the Everest Base Camp, setting up a living in Leh and leading a hermit’s life.



Sojourn in Sub Zero





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