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Source The Times Are Truly Challenging. Yet Some Sacred and Secret Laws of the One May Help You Reclaim Your Life

Author Name: Satya Datta | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Yes, humanity is passing through never-before-seen challenging times, but there may be a big reason behind this. Challenges happen when we are out of our path. But what is our path? Who are we actually? What is our true purpose? The answers to these may shake us completely. We are the inheritors of a great lineage. If we may ever understand our diversified roots, we may achieve the greatest pinnacle of soul-potential and live a life full of grand purpose. With this understanding we may achieve optimum health, fulfilment in relationships, attract abundance and speed up our spiritual journey. The sacred secrets may be inside us or outside and we have to understand them. Just understanding them may be beyond our comprehension. And if we start aligning the laws of this knowledge, we may achieve the highest. You are truly blessed and lucky to have this most unanticipated book. Read it completely to change your life, and hopefully, after-life also, forever.

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Satya Datta

Satya Datta, a.k.a. Satyajit Datta calls himself a Sourcologist, a person who studies the Source and its blessings on all humanity and other creations of the universe. Satya takes a unified approach of his spiritual passion, scientific and para-scientific studies to transform people towards their supreme potential. Satya Datta is a Jyotisha Acharya, Numerologist, Vaastu Explorer, Reiki Grandmaster, Tao Hands Practitioner, Magician & Illusionist and a Motivator. Satya has also studied Pyramid Vaastu. He has been awarded twice from the USA for his work in Reiki Healing. He has also taken his initiations of Shiva Gorakshanath Babaji Kundalini Kriya Yoga and is a lineage of Yogic Techniques of a Himalayan Yogi’s Yoga Parampara. Professionally, Satya is a Media consultant, having worked as a Design Director and Design Editor in India’s finest Media houses like Business Today, India Today, Business World, Planman Media, and NTI Media. Satya is also a Film Maker, Digital Marketer, an Entrepreneur and an Infopreneur. Satya has worked as an alternative healing therapist in Bensups Hospital, Dwarka, New Delhi. Satya has been fortunate to meet many Spiritual Masters, Teachers and Guru in this lifetime. Satya Datta is a satyanveshi, seeker of truth. In each of the disciplines he has studied and practised, he seeks the unification for the betterment of all. His single aim is to understand the Oneness and the One.