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Splendours of Love A Collection of Love Stories

Author Name: B. S. Tyagi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Splendors of Love contains love stories, quite different from the stories we come across in Anglo-Indian literature in the sense that they make the readers realize different experiences of life with greater intensity. Love in these stories awakens the spark lying dormant in soul for a long time. The protagonist does not fall in love with another person but he instinctively feels that he is already in love so deeply; only it dawns upon him. This mystical love unfolds by and by as the reader moves with the character and it deepens the moments of realization. Characters are not rash in their behavior; they are not impulsive; they are not in a hurry to get their love or to meet in this world. They are struck by something in their heart of hearts and then feel its soothing flow in each pore. It flows freely from depth the way fragrance from the flower or drizzles come from the grey sky to quench the thirst of the earth; it has a process and it takes its own time to mellow. In these stories love just peeps out, I must say, and at times at the end. The reader is left utterly in pleasant surprise and he goes thinking about the graceful movement of love. This is the wonderful technique the writer has employed deftly. Next, brevity is another characteristic of these stories. These small details help the character to feel the flow of love. 

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B. S. Tyagi

B. S. Taygi was born on 6th April 1955. He belongs to Muzaffar Nager U.P., India. He writes both in Hindi and English. He is a very practical and sensitive author of the contemporary Indian English Literature. He has many novles, short stories poems to his credit. He has translated many reputed works. The author has worked day and night to represent the situations, conditions, events, feelings, and ideas from the real society in which we live in. His stories have practical approach to life. The ideas expressed in the stories are fully justified in this world. The observations of the author are quite interesting catching, witnessing. They are fruitful for under-standing the human psyche, condition, situation and overall human life. They are quite relevant for all the time. The love stories are really timeless. They represent the ideas not of an age but of all the time.