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Strange Relationship A bouquet of 21 Short Stories

by Pon Kulendiren

Format: Paperback

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Relationships can develop anywhere – at school, in business, during travels and parties or even through traditions. Relationships are not destiny but something holy. When two minds think alike, it lays the foundation for a strong relationship. The love between same sexes is considered a taboo in several South Asian and Western countries.

In this book, stories are based on real incidents, with a blend of fiction, developed in different situations and surroundings. Some relationships are not accepted by the society. Caste is an important political and social issue in India, Sri Lanka and many other countries. It is the criteria in arranging marriages and entry to temples.

“As you sow so shall you reap” is the principle of Karma. This is reflected in some stories. Traditions hardly change with time. The social and traditional beliefs in life are handled in some of the stories in the book.

Pon Kulendiren is an honours graduate in Physics, diploma holder in marketing, and a telecom engineer. He has served as telecom engineer in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Oman, United Kingdom, US and Ontario, Canada. At the age of ten, he started writing short stories and articles. So far, he has published four English books and six Tamil books. He is a specialised short-story writer in English and Tamil. This book is his third collection of short stories in English. Pon lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He is involved in social work for seniors. He writes to the local papers in Ontario for both languages.



Strange Relationship





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