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Students with Pen Adventure into Poetry

Author Name: Asst. Cabinet 2021-2022 | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This anthology is a comprehensive list of 58 poetries penned by pupils at the Jeddah-based International Indian School (IISJ) by the 9th - 12th graders of the girl section.

Across the epic poems, notions such as "LOVE, GRIEF, FELICITY, and LIFE" have been articulated.  Almost every other poem ranks out and acknowledges how the author perceives the world uniquely.

Accompany the youths as they prioritise their passion towards becoming poets.

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Asst. Cabinet 2021-2022

The intellectuals and code generators behind the entire book are Misbah Tabasum (Assistant Blue House Captain 2021-2022), Bharvi A. Hirvania (Assistant Literary Secretary 2021-2022 & Red House Captain 2022-23), Shazia Hakeem (Assistant Head Girl 2021-2022 & Blue House Captain 2022 23), and Wania Kaleem Alam (Asst. Yellow House Captain 2021-22 & Green House Captain 2022-23).

Saudi Arabia based International Indian School, Jeddah (IISJ). Student Cabinet and the student body have indeed made a significant contribution towards empowering and positively influencing the lives of countless individuals.