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Supplier Matters

Author Name: Dr. Aditya Verma | Format: Paperback | Genre : Technology & Engineering | Other Details

Purchase commonly respond that they are so busy in daily paper works and firefighting that they have no time to do things, what they really want to do. Aditya’s book will surely help in organizing their work. S K Goenka, Managing Director, Emami Ltd. INDIA


"Aditya distills hands-on experience built over decades in MNCs and Indian companies into a practical handbook that will prove immensely valuable to supply chain and sourcing professionals and general managers wishing to improve their procurement function's effectiveness and strategy".        Kenneth Gayer, Chief Executive Officer, Gelest Inc., USA


Too often in the past, suppliers were selected primarily on the basis of cost and that proved costly”. This is excellent manuscript from Aditya to improve supplier managing process. Ricky JackVice President Global Operations (Retd)DuPont Solae LLC., USA


“Procurement function of any organization is run by the most responsible person. If anything goes wrong, he or she who heads Purchase is generally the one held responsible. There’s always a sense of fire-fighting - raw materials must reach the plant on time, but there shouldn’t be excess inventory. Inputs must be at the lowest cost, but vendors must be loyal - even if payments are delayed, just in time even if forecast accuracy is 50%. Into this apparent chaos flutters the pages of this book, an enjoyable and educative narration on how to massage a modicum of method into the madness. Fantastic tale and a treatise from Aditya.” Dr. Anjan Ray, Director – CSIR, Indian Institute of Petroleum, INDIA.


Using real world examples, the author demonstrates the importance and structure of a robust supplier qualification process, as well as ways to monitor the ongoing performance of the supply base. He goes on further to show how critical it is to have all major business functions aligned throughout the process. James W. Bova, Vice President, Global Sales, PMC Group Inc., USA.


“Aditya created and oversaw Sourcing operations for India & High Growth regions in a large MNC, and applied the strategies described herein which delivered results, this book will surely help businesses in improving profitability and sustainability through procurement”.

Jens-Wolfgang Rieck, Sr. Director – Procurement Portfolio Transformation – Honeywell, Switzerland.


“Risk analysis, lean processes, criticality grid, supplier development and global business culture understanding are key to procurement performance. Aditya with long experience in the Procurement reflected very well on these.” Yofre Rodriguez Carlos,

Global Procurement & Supply Chain Director, Kirsch Pharma Group, Germany.




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Dr. Aditya Verma

Aditya Verma has been associated with various segment of Industry in India / global business from last 3 decades i.e. FMCG, Chemicals & Polymers, Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas, Electronics & Home Appliances etc. He has published many papers and articles in leading business magazines largely wrt Procurement & Materials management some of the articles were covering topics such as;

v  Empowering Indian Specialty Chemicals Companies to be competitive in global sourcing / supply-chain.

v  Buyer’s perspective on global outsourcing of their chemical supply chain.

v  Select Green, while choosing New Supply Source.

v  How cultural norms & Values affect Negotiation Process.


His versatile experience in global multinational companies and Indian home grown domestic companies created fusion of “GloCal Sourcing” i.e. Global + Local, as well as created culture of “Costicide” (a word coined by Author, to kill the cost, which customer is not paying for). This book is an attempt to share his 3 decades of “Cross-global Culture” experience with top multinational companies to redefine supplier selection best practices for developing world suppliers.