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Swift heavy Ion (120Sn ) implantation in III-IV semiconductor (GaAs)

by K V Sukhatankar

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About the Book

One of the important techniques to study the properties of semiconductor devices is to determine and interpret its current-voltage (I-V) characteristics. Study of electrical behaviour of ion implanted n and n+ GaAs substrates has been done using PC based IV measurement system.

To investigate the electrical behaviour of swift heavy ion implanted GaAs, single crystal n and n+ type GaAs substrates were implanted at room temperature with 70 MeV 120Sn ions to various doses from a 15 UD 16-MV Tendom Accelerator (Pellrtron) at Nuclear Science Center, New Delhi.

The n+ and n type type samples implanted were annealed at different temperatures in a Rapid Thermal Annealing system. Current-voltage (I-V) measurements carried out over a temperature range of (173-373K). The effect of annealing on the electrical properties of these samples has been studied in detail and the possible conduction mechanisms responsible for the electrical transport have been discussed in this book.



Swift heavy Ion (120Sn ) implantation in III-IV semiconductor (GaAs)



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