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Take Control of Your Future

Author Name: Anchal Gupta | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Embark on a transformative adventure with "Take Control of Your Future- From School to Become Me", a game-changing book designed to educate school children of year 5 to year 12 about business management, entrepreneurship mindset, financial management which will help them in their academics and empower them to identify what they can become in future with the help of tools provided in this book. 

From Idea generation to presenting pitch deck is another USP of this book as it assists them with gaining confidence, improvement in presentation, communication, reading, writing, negotiation and decision-making skills.

This book is not just an investment in your child's education, it is an investment in their lifelong success. It inspires students to dream big and equips them with the knowledge and tools to turn those dreams into achievable goals.

Are you ready to explore the leader within? Open the pages of "Take Control of Your Future" to equip yourself with strategies for facing the challenging world and achieving success.
"Take Control of Your Future – where dreams take flight and success knows no limits."

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Anchal Gupta

The idea for this book was sparked when Anchal noticed a gap in her community: children lacked awareness of practical, real-world skills such as entrepreneurship, business, financial management, and life design. This gap left many students struggling to articulate their future aspirations and understand the reasons behind them.

Her dynamic experiences in technology, business analysis, and project management forms the backbone of this book. Her journey through various challenges and milestones discovered the importance of introducing concepts like value for money, strategic thinking, problem-solving attitudes, and priority management from an early age. She believes these traits are crucial in laying a solid foundation for student’s future endeavours.

Anchal realized the importance and priority of equipping students with these essential skills well before reaching adulthood. This realization inspired her to encapsulate her insights and experiences in this book. Her evolution from identifying community needs to becoming a leader in the IT industry, and now an author showcases her commitment to empowering the next generation. "Take Control of Your Future – From School to Become ME" is more than just a book; it is a toolkit for young minds to navigate not only their academic journeys but also their personal growth and success in everyday life.