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The Adventures of Morty The Famous Turtle Detective is Here!

by Shraddha Anu Shekar

Format: Paperback

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The book features Morty, her cases and her adventures. The main characters in the book are Morty’s mother Liana, Morty’s father Robert and Grandmother Penny.

Her travels take her to Egypt, the Alps, to a shipwreck and a host of other places, including fictional ones such as Megton and Lalaland.

She uses her sleuthing skills to solve cases, and has the Queen of England as one of her clients!

Jump in for an adventurous journey with Morty the turtle!

Shraddha Anu Shekar is a 10-year-old student and entrepreneur. She runs her photography business, ShekarTalkies, along with her father, and specializes in lifestyle and outdoor portraits.

The Adventures of Morty is her first book where she unleashes her imagination and takes us to the wonderful world of Babashoo to have adventures with the turtle Morty.

Shraddha loves to travel, and is interested in art and music.



The Adventures of Morty





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