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The Arcane Demons

Author Name: M.F.Thorne | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The Arcane Demons were always fearless.

But one night on New Year’s Eve they’re uncertain about the wrong time and the wrong person they kill. Right before the night of the new century, they kill the Chief of the organisation called ROGUE. And the new century is meant for a war that concerned them. By the morning of the year, begins it all… the signs of war.

And along comes the tangled mysteries of the past murder of The Chief and the revenge from ROGUE, where they recreate a psychological disease that leads to an apocalypse, while it all happens on the Demons’ expedition to just find what the conflict of the century is.
The murders… the revenge… the pricking thorns of mysteries had all become a matter of living for him long ago. He faced the merciless and for that, he had to be merciless too, without choice. But he could not face love. Any form of love was vulnerable within him. At the turning point of his life, things become breathtaking and truly threaten him, as the threat is his family, the Demons. But later he finds out that the threat is himself and it’s his survival that can save his whole family. After all, nothing can take away the flame of Archer Wolf.

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M.F.Thorne was born on June 4, 2008, in Madurai, India, and The Arcane Demons is her first novel. She always craved books and simple wonders in their creation, which led her to develop a passion for doing the same job as writing books. She had begun writing in 2020 since the quarantine began when she started to explore more about books and creating them. She worked on various themes and genres and had thrown out her work till she made art that was impossible for herself to ever regret, and it had nearly taken two years to finally get this book created. She defines her days and nights during the quarantine period as having her head hung to her work to express her ideas and combine fantasy with the terror of crime along with the psychology and personal life of the Arcane people who still exist in the world.