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The Arunachal Motorcycle Diaries

Author Name: Ganesh Venkataraman | Format: Paperback | Genre : Travel | Other Details

Seven men from the southern city of Bengaluru and their motorbikes, embark upon a crazy trip to explore the isolated parts of Arunachal Pradesh. They need logistics, machines and material to carry out this wild task. Two brave mercenaries from Pune bring them the machines, material and a back-up van to help them accomplish t-his onerous mission.

The nine bikers, along with the high-speed Winger, slither through the deadly terrains of the Arunachal Hills on a seven day rendezvous, passing though steep gorges, slippery off-roads, stealthy valleys, deceptive passes amidst bountiful valleys, magnificent waterfalls, winding rivers, astonishing ropeways and pouring rain.

The seven-day man-machine-nature saga starts off smoothly but unbeknownst to the men and the machines, troubles envelop the machines as each day progresses. The rendezvous nose-dives into dangerous exercises as the machines fail each day and the nerves of the nine men are put to severe test. Disorientation sets into the minds of the steely men. Will they survive against all odds and triumphantly overcome obstacles or will they succumb to the pressures of their extraordinary journey?

Read The Arunachal Motorcycle Diaries to get a whiff of the ultimate biking experience.

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Ganesh Venkataraman

The Arunachal Motorcycle Diaries is penned by Ganesh Venkataraman, based on his biking exploits with his bike-mates on the steep terrain of eastern Arunachal Hills. He is a member of a biker’s group based in the city of Bengaluru. The author has a keen interest in nature photography, trekking, biking and travelling- both inland and overseas. He is also a keen student of History.

This book is his second published work. His first published novel, The Madhigattan Encounter, is based on the Madhigattan Woods at the scenic Kodai Hills, situated in the state of Tamil Nadu.



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