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The Cockroach that Saved My Marriage

Author Name: Sonal Lobo | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Someone once shared with me their fantasy: the idea of living a life akin to the movies, filled with love, mystery, romance, and occasional moments of horror. They lamented that everyday life seemed mundane, devoid of novelty. It was the same old house, the same old job, weekend outings, and a constant sense of monotony. For a brief period, I found myself nodding in agreement. I allowed their perspective to seep into my thoughts and accepted it as my own. That was until I embarked on the journey of marriage. To me, marriage became a thrilling adventure, transforming the way I perceived the world. I encountered diverse individuals and navigated through a myriad of situations that made me both laugh and cry. Above all, I learned valuable lessons and discovered answers to the "whys" and "buts" that had puzzled me for so long. This book serves as a narrative of the incidents that unfolded in my life post-marriage. It is a beautiful memoir of the lesson’s life imparted to me before I tied the knot and the truths I unearthed as I expanded my horizons. It would not be an overstatement to declare that life is a tapestry of adventures, happiness, and fun, all contingent on how we choose to embrace it. A rainy day might prove to be an arduous commute for one trapped in traffic, yet it could be a blessing for a farmer in need of irrigation. A bone in your meal can sometimes be an annoyance, but to a stray dog, it could be a delectable feast. Here, I am, eager to share with you the seemingly insignificant moments in my life that imparted invaluable lessons and shaped me into a better version of myself. Join me as I guide you down memory lane, where you will encounter moments that are humorous, heartwarming, poignant, and undoubtedly enlightening

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Sonal Lobo

Sonal Lobo, a native of Bangalore, is a Commerce Postgraduate from Christ University, Bangalore. Her passion for writing ignited at the tender age of 10, and she has been a prolific contributor of articles and poems to a diverse array of platforms including magazines, newspapers, and online publications. Her literary works have found their way into prestigious publications such as MESSENGER, THE TEENAGER, JNR TODAY, RENEWAL VOICE, DAIJIWORLD, WOMEN's ERA, MUDRA, TIMES OFFSPRING, INDIAN EXPRESS, VIJAY TIMES, IUE Mag, HIGH ON POEMS, PASSION CONNECT, SECULAR CITIZEN, VEEZ, and more. Sonal is also a published author with three books to her name: "Thoughts Sublime" and "Whistling Words," both collections of poems, and "Seven Stones," a children's book. Her literary talents have also graced various anthologies. Beyond her literary pursuits, Sonal is a budding entrepreneur, the driving force behind her own chocolate-making venture, "De Gratia." She is an avid reader, a movie enthusiast, and a skilled cook. With a few years of musical training under her belt, she can also entertain with a few tunes on the keyboard. Sonal's professional journey led her to work as a lecturer for a couple of years before venturing into the corporate sector. Currently, she thrives as an HR Business Partner. Residing in Bangalore, Sonal shares her life with her husband, Santhosh Christopher D’ Almeda, a professional engineer. You can get in touch with her via email at Explore more of her creative expressions on her blog,