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The Curious Case of Dr. Pragyan Parker Unheard Stories of Science and the Scientists

Author Name: Storyteller Scientist | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

"Did you know there is a flower that intentionally tries to look and smell like rotting meat? Why would it adopt such a bizarre strategy?

Imagine a family in the Italy that wouldn't even know if they accidentally broke their legs. But how can something as painful as a fracture go unnoticed?

And what if plants hired assassins to kill the herbivores nibbling on their leaves?

Also there is a group of scientists trying to make strong painkillers from venom of the most deadly snakes in the world? Interesting, isn’t it?  

Dr. Pragyan Parker, a world-renowned scientist and educator, delves into these captivating scientific mysteries, including the ones you've just read about. However, his storytelling serves a dire purpose—to save his son, Rachit, from a kidnapper who desires not money but something far more valuable: the secrets of Dr. Parker's groundbreaking secret project, approved personally by the prime minister.

In his desperate quest to rescue his only son, Dr. Parker faces harrowing moral dilemmas. Must he choose between his son and the future of his country? What do the kidnappers really want? Dive into this rollercoaster ride of a book to discover some of the most astonishing stories about science and the scientists behind them."

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Storyteller Scientist

At Storyteller Scientist, we are dedicated to uncovering and sharing the most beautiful stories of science and the scientists behind them. Like all humans, scientists experience their own flaws, struggles, and victories, making each scientific discovery as captivating as the story that led to it. Our mission is to share these tales, igniting a spark of curiosity and wonder in the next generation of scholars and explorers.