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The Discreet Hit

Author Name: Gowtham Gurunath | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details
What happens in “The Discreet Hit”? 4th of July: On one of the busiest days of America, An attempt is made to shoot the president and the only chances of survival of the shooter are ZERO. When the authorities pinpoint three persons of interests, the only person who can find the shooter is an Ex – TCG task force interrogator, Jeffrey Turner. The stakes are too high and the only thing they don’t have is “Time”. Will Jeffrey Turner race against the time to uncover the massive conspiracy & find the shooter, who nearly succeeded in a “Discreet Hit” against the American President? Never lie to a person, who lies for a Living. Turn down the pages quickly to find the answer for yourself.
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Gowtham Gurunath

Being an Engineering graduate and an employee of one of the world's leading management firm, writing has always been a huge passion, but one of the most important thing for an accomplished writer is a good platform. Huge successes always come from a small step and I’m very grateful that I’ve taken that step towards success and I don’t care how small it is, as long as it takes me to where I want to be. Encouragements & honest feedback from readers are what that keeps a writer going and in that case, I’m proud to say that, even though my achievement is very small – my readers, family, and friends have always encouraged me and those motivations kept pushing me here. Right now I have already started working on my next fiction, [a cliff-hanging suspense thriller] and hopefully, it'll be out by the end of 2019. I’ll always be in debt for my readers and supporters for their extended support and care. Please keep supporting.