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The Earth is Flat

by V.H.RAM

Format: Hardcover

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The author seeks to bring clarity and straighten records to eliminate common, persistently prevailing misconceptions relating to certain topics in linguistics, religion, music, science and history. Excursions into these various topics bring some fascinating insights which have generally remained overlooked.

How is English related to Sanskrit? Who were the Aryans? What is the essence of music, of religion? Who was Jesus Christ? What was the message of Prophet Mohammed? What fate befell the Princes in the Tower? Whose was responsible for the Second World War? What are the implications of the Big Bang Theory? Is the search for the Equation of Everything realizable? What is the ultimate reality and how can Man view the Universe?

These are subjects regarding which, the author feels, some clarifications are required and some common misapprehensions need to be removed.

After graduating from the University of Madras the author completed Diploma courses in German and French from the same university and was appointed technical translation officer in the Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi. He retired as Director from this organization in 1992, and has since been living in Chennai and working as free-lance translator and editor. He obtained a Diploma in Russian at the University of Delhi. He also won a Government of India scholarship to study Italian in Italy and spent over a year in that country attending courses at the University of Rome, the Dante Alighieri Society in Rome and the University of Perugia. 

His interests in various fields like linguistics, music, religion, history and science are reflected in the present book.



The Earth is Flat





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