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The Empty-Handed Altruist

Author Name: Dr. Jyuthica. K. Laghate | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The opulent were thrifty,

But the paupers, magnanimous!

It wasn’t charity of the ‘Big Bucks’, 

But the role of a teary-eyed, starving elder brother

Feeding his baby brother, the grubs he collected from the garbs;

‘Benevolence’ and ‘charity’

Coming from the fist of the ‘Empty-handed’.

A doting boy, Manas, takes care of his infant brother, Manan, after his parents succumb to addiction and live like mere vegetables and wolves waiting for wild drinking and lying on the roads near the gutters whilst their two boys are trying to look at the brighter picture out of a drain.

Isn’t this the true emblem of positivity? To give out your last grain of rice and be the mascot of compassion, support and kindness when you have nothing, you are empty-handed; yet you fill your loved one’s fists with food, security, laughter and experience.

This is a tale of kindness knowing no bounds; an elder brother carving a dream life for his baby brother and working as his shield, confidante and limitless carer. Both these brothers shed off their rough past and become winners in their own regard.

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Dr. Jyuthica. K. Laghate

A dentist researcher by qualification but a mentor-writer by passion and profession, being an overseas education consultant and mentor, Dr. Jyuthica has wholeheartedly dedicated 15 years of her professional life to teaching English and verbal reasoning to students regionally, nationally and globally. She has constantly been striving for student benefit, contentment and development and has successfully placed hundreds of students abroad at prestigious universities. Her body of work can be determined as preparing students for GRE, GMAT, SAT and IELTS and guiding them comprehensively at every step of their overseas education. Her step into the writing world was through two academic books on exam preparations, and both of them have been received with a reassuring response.

The real her is about ruminating on the wonders of the universe, curiously researching abstract concepts such as the link between spirituality and the modern world, Indian Vedic culture and its application, body-soul relationship and communication and divine art.

Along with academic writing, creative writing especially on abstract topics and spheres such as mind, body, spirit, art, philosophy and thoughtful art has been her passion. Through her books, she wants to spread the message of purity, clarity, innocence and power of now. Writing in her opinion is a tête-à-tête with the world but through written words, thoughts and mute reflections. She believes that her writing is an eclectic mix of the various interests and career experiences she draws from and therefore is artsy yet scientific, abstract yet centred and humorous yet piercing.



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