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The Engraved Butterfly An Attempt to Find Myself

Author Name: Aditi Rijhwani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details
Amazon Sales Rank: Ranked #50 in Poetry

What is originality to thy self when our originality is compromised by the pre-formed perspectives of how and what we should be? What is originality when our journey has already been paved by preconceived ideas of society, gender, responsibilities and family? This already paved journey which does not allow us to explore, grow and just be. The book in your hand answers all your questions by shifting you into a lyrical world where the freedom of exploring pleasure, pain, light and darkness is present. One can only achieve this transcendental state by being original to oneself. This can be achieved when you have made peace with all the darkness and light within. The book is about unsealing, conceding and finally dancing with your own darkness which will lead you to pure authenticity to yourself. This will help you pave your own journey with your constructive understanding of within. 

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Aditi Rijhwani

Aditi Rijhwani is 18 years old by her age, but ‘life’ made her understand all kinds of emotions quite early. She lives in a small town called Jabalpur. The scenic beauty of this town helps her explain her emotions through nature as a metaphor. She has seen beauty and pain existing together in her small town, which is a predominated theme in her book, along with the coexistence of pain and pleasure, light and darkness. This is her first book with many common and uncommon ideologies. She has been writing poetry for 4 years now. It was merely a hobby before but then she became a part of a poetry club. The power to reach people through her lyrical world, that gave importance to both the beauty and inevitable darkness of life, made her make an effort towards reaching out to more people.



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