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THE EYE OF TIGER Discover Untold Secrets of the World of Tigers!

Author Name: Dr.C.H. Basappanavar | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Outdoors & Nature | Other Details

Have you ever touched the whiskers of a wild tiger? Here is a man, who had an appointment with a striped lady, the tigress along with cubs at her heels, spending breathtaking time over the entire moonlit night! It was as though he had an affair with the tigress; according to him, there was neither sin nor shame! Read, how secret telepathic conversations between the man and the striped lady went on through the night. The presentation in the book is woven around unknown secrets of the world of tigers to the human world. Tigers are wild by nature and hunters by instinct. When you are lucky to spot one in the wild, maintain pin-drop silence and enjoy the creation of Nature-God. This is the crux of The Eye of Tiger, which signifies extraordinary perceptions, be it the tiger tribe or human society. Readers, please remember, tigers are not human models one would expect to walk the ramp!

Head out for an early morning safari in search of a tiger in a nearby tiger reserve with a trained eye and ear to spot one and shoot him, if you can, with your camera and take home green memories, nothing else. Happy reading!

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Dr.C.H. Basappanavar

Born and grown up in a rural environment, Basappanavar comes from a middle-class agriculturist-family. As a boy of four years, he still recollects, as green memory, of having escaped by a whisker’s distance, chased by a striped lady – a tigress nurturing her cubs in his father’s sugarcane fields.  He was lucky to have been born at a time, when tiger, the most elusive, magnificent and graceful predator on earth, could still be encountered around his village. As a shutterbug, he trekked among others, Himalayan mountains, valleys and wildlands, endowed with a wide variety of flora and fauna, ranging from woodlands to rainforests to enjoy the gift of nature. He often captured in his camera from micro giants like butterflies, wildflowers to forest mega giants such as tigers, leopards, elephants and other denizens of the forests.