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The Grim Reaper Wreaking Havoc Since 2019 COVID-19

Author Name: Dr. Prasannajeet Pramod Nikam | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

11th March 2020 – The black day… The day when fate of human survival took a abrupt turn towards the worst… The day when the sun of human existence started overshadowing by the clouds of mortality… The day when no one expected that the same oxygen; which has been the source of life for mankind since the evolution of life, would become so poisonous… The day since when people have been gasping for air and dying just like a fish out of water… The day which marked the mourning of the globe as a result of the deeds of the human beings… The day when a global emergency was declared due to the outbreak of a deadly pandemic which shook all the nations across the globe to their foundations… The day when war cry was heard resonating everywhere… A war which you humans have been battling since past one and a half year against the biggest and most cruelest enemy of all times – COVID-19! Today I am the headline of each and every newspaper. I am the breaking news on each and every news channel. I am the one who has put a “full stop” to the entire world. I am the one who has inflicted physical, mental, economical and social hardships on you people. All thanks to your “karma” I am still thriving on this beautiful planet spreading misery, fear, misunderstandings and death. 

I am “The Grim Reaper Wreaking Havoc Since 2019”.

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Dr. Prasannajeet Pramod Nikam

Dr. Prasannajeet Pramod Nikam is a sports physiotherapist turned author born in beautiful city of Satara located in Maharashtra state of India. Being an ardent cricket lover just like his father, he always wanted his passion and work-field to overlap. He has pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Krishna College of Physiotherapy, Karad. Later he completed his Masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy from KLE Institute of Physiotherapy, Belgaum, Karnataka and is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Sports Physiotherapy of Krishna College of Physiotherapy, Karad. He is the Managing Director at Dr. Prasanna’s Sports Therapy & Advanced Athletic Rehabilitation Centre (STAARC). He has been working as an “Intensive Care Physiotherapist” in the COVID-19 Care Centre of Krishna Hospital and Medical Research centre, Karad for over a year till date. He says working closely with COVID-19 patients and knowing their rehabilitative demands, boosted him to conceptualize and design various rehabilitative tools and methods which would help them along the road to recovery. He feels that it’s the moral responsibility of being a medical professional which motivated him to take up the responsibility to spread the scientific facts and help reduce the misconceptions and perplexity prevailing in the society regarding COVID-19. He is also the author of the book “Physiotherapy in COVID-19: Role & Scope of PT in corona pandemic”. Besides being an Author, he is also an artist and marathoner.