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The Hindu Mythology

by Sunil Srichand Sachwani

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Indians are the proud inheritors of a rich heritage, the heritage of what people call Hinduism. Hinduism is not used here to refer to the Hindu Faith. I believe it is not an “ism”; it is not a creed or a dogma.

Historians and scholars everywhere agree that the sanatana dharma is unique in several respects. It is the only non-prophetic religion in the world. All the other major religions are rooted firmly in history, with one person as the founder of a religion and his teachings as the doctrine to follow. The Hindu faith is not based on the life, teachings or spiritual experiences of any one individual; it is based on certain universal and eternal values and ideals. "The goal is one, but the paths are many." The Hindu faith has recognized the fact that a man’s journey to eternity is essentially an inner journey. It also teaches us that all forms of worship are acceptable to God, by using many idols of Gods, we may go to temples, we recite sets of prayers, we may offer a simple form of worship with flowers and light lamps or we may perform elaborate pujas with set rituals. By closing our eyes we meditate upon the light that is within us.


The author, Mr. Sunil Sachwani, was born in April 1964 and is a Mumbai resident; professionally, he is a banker. After banking hours, the author, in his free time, spends time in performing various duties such as household work and writing articles and books.

He writes articles for his bank's magazine called "Taarangan" which is published quarterly for the staff of the Bank of India. He was inspired by his father-in-law, who as a senior citizen, used to write books.


The author has written three books in 8-9 days of privilege leave. The author possesses the ability of how to utilize the spare time! So this is one such example.



The Hindu Mythology





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