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The Kon of Kohinoor

by Disha & Durgesh Bailoor

Format: Paperback

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The secret agents of three countries have set a trap in Muse’de Paris to catch any body who dares to steal the royal crown jewels and the Kohinoor. Alisha unwittingly falls in love with a Capt of the IB and still wants to be a part of the Kohinoor conspiracy? Will Adani sacrifice his daughter’s life in the greed for the Kohinoor ?

Will it be the end of Adani’s empire and his life? The winds of destiny blow around the mystical diamond the Kohinoor and it will bring down mighty and the arrogant!

Disha Bailoor is enrolled in the J.P. Stevens High School in Edison, NJ, USA. Dr. Durgesh Bailoor is currently with University of Taif, faculty of Dentistry in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Can contact Durgesh Bailoor on durgeshbailoor26@gmail.com.



The Kon of Kohinoor





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