Durgesh Bailoor

Durgesh Bailoor is an author and trainer par excellence who is deeply focused on supply chain management in the healthcare industry. He practices and promotes problem-based learning, applications of health informatics and the ideas of evidence-based healthcare to routine management of the patients. He is a well-travelled, voracious reader. He practices the ancient esoteric arts of yoga and meditation. He is currently with the University of Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is chairman of Integrated Learning activities ILA. His other novels are A Dental-Mental Mystery: The Tooth Digs Up The TrRead More...


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Zeinah: The Princess of Syrian refugees Vol. 2

Books by Durgesh Bailoor

Zeinah, a stunningly beautiful Syrian damsel, runs away from Aleppo with her family of three sisters, one brother and a very sick mother. They are abused, separated and treated like animals. Still, their human spirits prevail, and they fight for self-respect and preservation, using brute strength, wit and cunning to survive. 

The Princess of Syrian Refugees will take readers to the imaginary and the murky world of human traffickers, gun runners and

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Zeinah – The Princess of Syrian Refugees

Books by Durgesh Bailoor

This a story of Zeinah Haddad who is forced to run from the bombing and chaos of her city Aleppo, which was one of the most peaceful and beautiful places before the civil war. She faces the hot weather of the North Syrian Desert and the criminal human traffickers. She takes her family through the thick and thin of good and bad experiences. Her father dies in the Aleppo bombing, her mother dies of sickness in Turkey, but she, her brother and three sisters plod

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Killer Medicine

Books by Durgesh Bailoor

Why are people mysteriously turning yellow and dropping dead in the Modasa district of Gujarat?

What are the causes of these strange truck accidents in that region?

Why are dangerous Indian drugs turning up in the distant outpost of Alice Springs in Australia?

How can a forensic dentist and the lady CBI agent catch the crooks, who are breaking all the rules and poisoning the public with dangerous medicines! Can these medicines really kill? <

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The Kon of Kohinoor

Books by Disha & Durgesh Bailoor

The secret agents of three countries have set a trap in Muse’de Paris to catch any body who dares to steal the royal crown jewels and the Kohinoor. Alisha unwittingly falls in love with a Capt of the IB and still wants to be a part of the Kohinoor conspiracy? Will Adani sacrifice his daughter’s life in the greed for the Kohinoor ?

Will it be the end of Adani’s empire and his life? The winds of destiny blow around the mystical diamond the Kohinoor

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A Dental-Mental Mystery :

Books by Durgesh Bailoor

Somebody is burning bodies and collecting insurance. Companies suspect foul play but can they prove the insurance fraud? A young handsome mad man is seducing young beautiful girls in the port city of Mangalore, and biting and strangling them. Bodies are mounting up, can the dentist detective help the police to stop this mayhem. Will the murderers be caught and hanged? Read this racy story and find out about the hot romance between the dentist and police woman

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