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Zeinah – The Princess of Syrian Refugees A Saga of Suppression, Suffering and Sexual Abuse

Author Name: Durgesh Bailoor | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

This a story of Zeinah Haddad who is forced to run from the bombing and chaos of her city Aleppo, which was one of the most peaceful and beautiful places before the civil war. She faces the hot weather of the North Syrian Desert and the criminal human traffickers. She takes her family through the thick and thin of good and bad experiences. Her father dies in the Aleppo bombing, her mother dies of sickness in Turkey, but she, her brother and three sisters plod on facing the monsters who try to abuse them and steal everything they have.

Zeinah and the Haddad family suffer, fight back and even get separated from each other, and each of them has a horrifying adventure. Zeinah is raped, physically molested and even escapes certain death.

Will Zeinah succeed in her fight with these criminal gangs who prey on the weak and the poor? What is in store for this family caught in desperate situations, sometimes without food and water?

Zeinah’s only fault is that she is caught is somebody’s bullshit war!

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Durgesh Bailoor

Dr. Durgesh Bailoor is a professor in the faculty of dentistry and is currently training dentists in the University of Taif in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

During his movement in the kingdom, he met a large number of Syrian doctors, nurses and families. They narrated different stories of good and bad experiences that made them fugitives from their own land. Dr. Durgesh took extensive notes of these narrations; he even spoke to different Syrians in Oman, Dubai and different countries over four and half years, promising them that their identities would not be revealed. This novel is the result of four and half years of such interactions with real life Syrians.

Dr. Durgesh regularly visits the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and countries of Europe. He has extensive knowledge of the Gulf countries and has worked in University of Taif, Saudi Arabia, for the last five years.



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