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Zeinah: The Princess of Syrian refugees Vol. 2 A Saga of Suppression , Suffering , and Sexual Abuse

Author Name: Durgesh Bailoor | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Zeinah, a stunningly beautiful Syrian damsel, runs away from Aleppo with her family of three sisters, one brother and a very sick mother. They are abused, separated and treated like animals. Still, their human spirits prevail, and they fight for self-respect and preservation, using brute strength, wit and cunning to survive. 

The Princess of Syrian Refugees will take readers to the imaginary and the murky world of human traffickers, gun runners and to people with millions and even billions of dollars who defy governments and the law agencies and play the elusive game of money laundering. Offshore banking, financing wars and selling of human slaves still exist in 21st century. The readers will be shocked, informed and even entertained by this tale of desperate parade of humans who are victims of the power struggle of world military might and the unholy civil war. 

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Durgesh Bailoor

Durgesh Bailoor is an author and trainer par excellence who is deeply focused on supply chain management in the healthcare industry. He practices and promotes problem-based learning, applications of health informatics and the ideas of evidence-based healthcare to routine management of the patients. He is a well-travelled, voracious reader. He practices the ancient esoteric arts of yoga and meditation. He is currently with the University of Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is chairman of Integrated Learning activities ILA. 

His other novels are A Dental-Mental Mystery: The Tooth Digs Up The Truth and Killer Medicine: Dental-Mental Mystery-2. He has co-authored a novel of adventure, The Kon of Kohinoor, with his daughter Disha Bailoor.

This fourth novel of fiction is based on the Syrian Civil War and is the story of Zeinah who represents many of the real suffering hordes of humanity, who are escaping from the stranglehold of villains of oppression. Most readers will see the reflection of this story in news items of today's newspapers and television news. But this story and its characters are all imaginary but designed to tell the plight of unfortunate refugees and their crushing nomadic life. 



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