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The LAAF Way How to Let Go, Let Flow, and Laugh Your Way to Nirvana

Author Name: Ranganath Subramoney | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Why don’t more people meditate?

Why don’t people meditate more?

Can meditation be less intimidating, and more fun? It most certainly can. Introducing The LAAF Way, where laughter is the joyful gateway to profound inward journeys and the pursuit of Self-growth. Ranga offers us a lighter, brighter, and more authentic way—not simply to meditate, but to live all of life in a state of wellbeing, fulfillment and flow.


So discover the mantras to lighten up! Breathe-Move-Laugh-Play and… Meditate.


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Ranganath Subramoney

With his roots in a traditional Indian family, an education in science and management, and a successful international career in hospitality and tourism. Ranganath (aka Ranga) is a global citizen. A strong believer in physical and mental wellbeing since his childhood and shaped by his experiential life journeys, he has evolved in to a wellness leader and teacher.  


Drawing on his four decades of meditation practice in Vedic, Buddhist and Western forms and the transformational paths he discovered en-route, Ranga is committed to inspiring others towards self-actualization. His LAAF Way (Liberation-Awareness-Awakening-Fulfillment) message builds around the core purpose of knowing and being yourself, stepping away from a life of default and going where you wish to go by doing what you love to do. 


Ranga reframes the notion that self-discovery (the “aha” moment) arises out of a situation of total burnout or acute distress, and he promotes instead, a progressive enrichment of life enabled via self-awareness and a growth mindset. His Project:Self doctrine emphasizes 40 practical Keys that become a guide to living our fullest lives.


The main take-away is that Total Wellbeing (physical-mental-emotional-spiritual and social), and not merely health, will be the new normal.



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