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The Magic of Health, Laughter and Longevity

by Sudesh Gogia

Format: Paperback

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Age is no barrier to living a complete and fulfilled life. With age, an individual becomes calmer, less stressed and relaxed.

Thus, a happy and enjoyable life opens up for you. Through his various essays, Prof. Sudesh Gogia allows you insights into how you can do this.

Bring romance into your life, go for candlelight dinners, work out and be healthy, happy and full of humour… Walk with Nature amidst greenery, trees and plants…

These and more are what make this book a must pick-up for those looking to bring peace and tranquility into their lives.

Prof. Sudesh Gogia an educationist who has taught for four decades at various colleges in New Delhi. He is a qualified yoga teacher who practices and conducts yoga daily in the week hours of the morning at Deer Park, Safdarjung Enclave.

His wields his pen liberally, writing articles and poetry aimed at making the readers smile, as well as offering them a garland of prayers for health, happiness and longevity.



The Magic of Health, Laughter and Longevity





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