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The Manbhum Village Boy A Lotus Grows in the Mud An Autobiography

by Bhut Nath Mahato

Format: Paperback

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Born on 3rd January 1968, at Purulia in West Bengal, Dr Bhut Nath Mahato specialized in Sociology from Bhopal University, Bhopal. He is not an author by profession but his mere
enthusiasm of reaching out to the needy young generation to share his thoughts and wisdom is the compelling force in writing this book. With warmth and affection, he remembers the people who had helped and left a deep impression and shaped his life as he was growing up from a child to a young man and the lessons he learned from them.

He describes his small village, loving and caring parents, close friends of his hostel life and his mentors Late Rev Fr Laurence Joseph Hunt SJ, Sister Marceline SCN and Bridget SND. The Book accounts vividly the sensational years of his childhood. His ambition to excel in life and inspiring thoughts may give direction and meaning to life of young readers. This book quotes his life situations and challenges which are common to thousands of Indians. It beautifully narrates how he surmounted challenges of life and continued to grow to achieve his dreams of life.

Author’s bio

Dr Bhut Nath Mahato was born in village Madhobpur in Purulia district of West Bengal, 1968. Having been brought up as a product of his environment at De Britto House Gomoh now St John De Britto High School and De Nobili School Digwadih Dhanbad, he ran the streets and experienced things that most boys of his age wouldn’t have been able to endure. After spending an enormous amount of time in serving the nation through Indian Coast Guard as a sailor as well as an officer, the result of the life that he chose to live, he decided to make a change in his life. He enrolled into various correspondence courses and set out to make a difference in his life. He resides in Purulia West Bengal, India sharing his thoughts and experiences with his readers.



The Manbhum Village Boy





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