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The Manifestation of your Divine Companion Curate a cognizance of compelling coupling by vigorous valor and voyage

Author Name: Aman Jaiswal | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

The Manifestation of your Divine Companion is an ardent amalgamation of compelling coupling conducts, adventure-filled creative writing with prehistoric virtuous wisdom pivoting around a millennial in the capital city, New Delhi. The book boundlessly triggers the consciousness of incisive inclusiveness and deeply moving non-fictional travel concoct from the Northern to the Southern Part of India. The lionizing literature is predestined to pacify perplexing paradoxes about making viable commitments, enlivening an existing love connection or marriage & unveiling human potentiality to unmask a heavenly companionship.

Turning pages yet absorbing words can be frequently witty but always candid. The Manifestation of your Divine Companion is a self-help book you must read if you want to deeply discern about depression, anxiety, pain, heartbreak, hope, and healing. Especially for fabricating an enduring bond of love involving Compatibility, Diversion, Exuberance, Intimacy, Joy, Resilience, Spirituality, Team-Work, and much more!


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Aman Jaiswal

Born and brought up in the chock-a-block city, Cawnpore. The author – Aman Jaiswal, further moved to Calcutta to pursue higher education. The compromising chaos of Calcutta could not captivate him long enough. Later, he moved to New Delhi in 2012. Since then, he has been deciphering plus embellishing the vital vibes of the city & transcended the spiritual evolution as a seeker toward the end of 2018. While operating as a Sales & Marketing Counsellor/Cold-Caller for renowned vacation rentals companies like TripAdvisor and Florida Rentals. He discovered his cosmic companion yet propelling potential lately through Compassion, Excursion, and Introspection.

The curation of this manuscript has been like riding the whimsical wave of ineffable ecstatic encounters plus obnoxious obstructions. To fathom the kernel of visceral & vestal love unification, for an outlook beyond Fatiguing, Feckless, Toxic, & Transactional Relationships in a world full of limitless choices and commotions. His quest for clarified clarity stimulated a divine realization of self-discovery while weighing the zesty quintessence from his prior perturbing entanglements during Adolescence to Adulthood. He is now a yogi, a relationship researcher & coach, an environmental evangelist, & an aspiring philanthropist. With his amiable appeal, empathizing intellect, mellow yet robust aura, he possesses indefatigable hunger to assist those who are consumed by the marshland of Contemporary Conscious Coupling. At the same time need clarifications in their futuristic or existing realm of relationships or marriages. He is accessible at divinedopamine.com.