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The Midnight Boyfriend

Author Name: Gurasis Kaur | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

"I am not scared of the dark, I am scared of the darkness that enters in my life to remove all the bright colours."

There are some relations you are blessed with by god's grace and some relations where you feel blessed. The difference holds the ties of your bonds. 

Sameer, Himani, Dhruv, and Naira are youngsters who experience teen love unconditionally. 

Trapped in walls of protection and security, Naira experiences her freedom on her eighteenth birthday. The love she was in, how long was it supposed to be? 

Naira experiences tons of negative emotions along with optimistic and cheerful support. Sameer who entered as a therapist trying his best to get the repressed emotions out, finds himself stuck at a question:

"What else could it be?"

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Gurasis Kaur

Gurasis Kaur, a 17 year old dreamy and an ordinary person who hails from Delhi as a writer. The imaginations that she carries in her head throughout the day sometimes burden her but without these thoughts, she feels empty. 

She has a way of communicating and understanding people with joy and grace. 

In the era of huge friend circles, she believes in a friend triangle filled with love, care and motivation. 

Writing makes her happy, distracts her from what's bothering her, and she has her own comfort zone with her words.