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The Night I Woke Up From Fortunate Rejections and Proud Failures to a Phenomenal Night of Reincarnation

by Shweta Singh

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

How can your biggest fear turn into your wildest dream?

Why do we participate in the same race of becoming engineers, doctors, MBAs or civil servants at the cost of following our dreams and passions?

Are you aware of the zombie world you might be living in?

Do you know that something in this Universe can defy all logic?

The Night I Woke Up has answers to everything. Be ready to activate the power that you have kept dormant for years and become a person beyond your imagination. Also find out what was so unusual about that particular night that the author decided to write a book on.

Shweta Singh is a motivational speaker, a trainer, the author of 7 Incredible Ways to Gorgeous Failure!, a life coach, and a passionate blogger. She is the founder of “Discover The HeRo In YoU” and is working towards transforming her passion into a multibillion dollar business. She spends most of her time reading about the supraconscious sphere of mind – The Higher Self – and discovering new horizons. Shweta also organizes workshops and sessions on soul transformation and realizing the infinite potential of human beings. After that night she followed her calling and went on to realize her brave dreams. She has dedicated her life to help others find their true purpose in life and experience bliss. Her aim in life is to inspire billions.


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