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THE ORIENTATION OF BEING A WO-MAN (The chronicle of being seized By social stigma)

Author Name: Ananya Saha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

The book contains a detailed explanation of how a person's gender plays a vital role for his/her survival. We know that our society recognises only two gender, i.e. male and female and if anybody is found otherwise, than that person becomes an alien for the same. Therefore, the book tries to focus into how a person identifying himself to be trapped in a wrong body tries to cross each and every hurdles in his life and also tries to highlight the struggles that they go through to earn their daily living and acquire a proper identity in this vast and cruel world. 

We live in a democratic country which has a lengthy and praiseworthy Constitution giving every citizen of India their rights to avoid exploitation and also recommends both Citizens and non-citizens to adhere to the rules and regulations prescribed in it. Therefore, in such a diversified Nation where everyone resides with co-operation, than why do the society forgets that even the Trangender are human beings? Why do they consider them as aliens?

Transgender is an umbrella term, this book mainly focus on the life of Hijras, it tries to enlighten all the arenas of their life, from rejection to how they struggle to earn their living in a world where people don't even consider them as human beings like other normal beings. The book also talks about the irony that at one phase the Hijras are treated as unwanted or shameful elements while on the other hand they blessings and curse becomes a weapon of God in their life. 

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Ananya Saha

The book has been written by Ms. Ananya Saha, twenty-one years old and presently making her career in Law, pursuing B.A.LLB from Indian Institute of Legal Studies, affliliated to the University of North Bengal. The author has written variety of articles on various Legal issues and has presented a research paper on 'Criminal Justice Administration' at a Seminar and keeps a determined and dedicated spirit to work hard and smart to make a successful career in law. The author always tries to bring the ongoing injustice in the society whether it be any articles, poems, blogs or stories. There are various issues which needs some enlightnment to come front and the author contains the following skill to put forth these arenas in the form of writing. 

Being a student of Legal fraternity, the author knows that mere prescription of laws cannot be a boom to the Nation and its people, along with codification, it is also essential that people become aware of the same and this can be done by making people know their do's and don'ts in any form, it can even include writing criteria. Therefore, it has been a strategy about the same that a burning issue has been written in this book so that people understand that it is high time to accept people without any gender stratification.