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The Payyoli Draupnir

Author Name: Mohan Narayanan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

“Mohan Narayanan’s great creativeness is amazingly active and his knowledge of Nordic or Norse mythology exceeds by far what I as a German remember of that stuff!

It is true globalisation to engage Gods or Deities in cooperation and antagonism across the continents. The real events,names of persons and the dates produce a mixed atmosphere of reality and fantasy.

In all it is an amazing, entertaining book with an underlying optimistic attitude to development of further technical means and human recognition of what till now is called supernatural.

Highly recommended for readers of all ages!”

- Dr Armin-Albano Mueller, Schwelm/Germany

“Mohan Narayanan very interestingly brings back the ancient style of story-telling through the use of Gods and Goddesses and their interaction with human beings, to give expression to his limitless fantasies.

The blend of mythology from different cultures, mixed with science fiction with aliens, spaceships and robotics makes the story much deeper than the previous book.

The story really moves into interesting theories of mysticism, well mixed with science fiction and explodes with new sets of creativity unfolding at interesting levels.

What makes one read ‘The Payyoli Draupnir’ with so much attention? The quality of narration and the fine art of story-telling, combined with the continuity from ‘The Payyoli Pendant’ - also as gripping, with the suspense being ably maintained throughout by the author.”

- Drunken Mystic, Yoga Teacher, Jamshedpur/India

“The best story teller in today’s literature - world wide! Gripping.... I loved the vivid descriptions and the pace of the narration - had me glued to the pages!”

- Ravi Varman, Movie Director, Chennai/India

One of the best selling modern Indian Authors writing in English, Mohan Narayanan's THE PAYYOLI TRILOGY has been widely read in over 50 countries around the Globe. Having lived in Germany, his books are most popular in Europe and a search for "Mohan Narayanan, buch" on the German google.de has today over 12 lakh references. This is the second title in the series. His earlier novel THE PAYYOLI PENDANT (also published by NOTION PRESS) is being currently translated in to Tamil


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Mohan Narayanan

Mohan Narayanan is today one of the most internationally read Indian authors writing in English. He is among the top three contemporary  Indian authors and enjoys around 500,000 references for his works in both google and bing searches. Extremely philosophical by nature, his themes have covered a vast range - adventure, history, mythology, science fiction, modern life, spirituality and philosophies & religions of the world. A prolific writer, CUTS is his 5th novel in seven years.