Mohan Narayan

Mohan Narayanan is today one of the most internationally read Indian authors writing in English. He is among the top three contemporary  Indian authors and enjoys around 500,000 references for his works in both google and bing searches. Extremely philosophical by nature, his themes have covered a vast range - adventure, history, mythology, science fiction, modern life, spirituality and philosophies & religions of the world. A prolific writer, CUTS is his 5th novel in seven years.



Books by Mohan Narayan

In all his novels so far, internationally acclaimed Indian author Mohan Narayanan has kept his central characters Indian; be it Harani and Manikkam in the three parts of the Payyoli Trilogy or Professor Nathan in Austin Colors.

In this latest novella CUTS, the protagonist is Rajavijayan, who is a Srilankan Tamil of south Indian origin.

Rajavijayan is on the run for his physical freedom - he is wanted by the police in both Sri Lanka and India. CUTS

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The Payyoli Trident

Books by Mohan Narayan

Number #1 Seller in the category “Fiction, Adventure, Mythology” - Krisostumus, Estonia

“100,000 copies downloaded by readers as e-book in 2 weeks” - Paradise Publishers, Nevada/USA

“Amazing foresight of Mohan Narayanan! The book was written in 2010 but published in the US only in 2013. The Author has referred to Pegasus on Page 22 in this book. But how could Tamil Nadu’s Chief Min

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The Payyoli Draupnir

Books by Mohan Narayan

“Mohan Narayanan’s great creativeness is amazingly active and his knowledge of Nordic or Norse mythology exceeds by far what I as a German remember of that stuff!

It is true globalisation to engage Gods or Deities in cooperation and antagonism across the continents. The real events,names of persons and the dates produce a mixed atmosphere of reality and fantasy.

In all it is an amazing, entertaining book with an underlying optimistic attitude

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The Payyoli Pendant

Books by Mohan Narayan (USA) - Leading Booksellers - Sales Rank: as in January 2015

#38 in Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology (See Top 100 Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology Bestsellers)

“The combination of Mythology with modern technology and reminding us of History (past) and prophecies of Teleportation and Time Travel (future) makes this book a fascinating reading! “ - Dr Armin-Albano

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