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The Payyoli Trident A Trishul – Triaina Tryst

Author Name: Mohan Narayanan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Number #1 Seller in the category “Fiction, Adventure, Mythology” - Krisostumus, Estonia

“100,000 copies downloaded by readers as e-book in 2 weeks” - Paradise Publishers, Nevada/USA

“Amazing foresight of Mohan Narayanan! The book was written in 2010 but published in the US only in 2013. The Author has referred to Pegasus on Page 22 in this book. But how could Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Puratchi Thalaivi, Amma Dr. J Jayalalithaa without even reading the book renovate the Dr. MGR Memorial in 2012 by adding the12 foot bronze figure of Pegasus? The ancient Greeks and Romans worshipped Pegasus as a God to protect them from ocean storms, since its father Poseidon, was their God of the seas. Was this introduction of Pegasus on Marina to prevent future tsunami type calamities of 2004 occurring on India’s eastern coasts? What a great thought?… and coincidence?”

- Ravi Varman, India

“Such an interesting book! Mohan Narayanan writes so deftly that the reader feels himself being amidst the happenings. At times the ideas are really surprising! The book has its serious side, with in-between so much knowledge presented, and there is the other, humorous side with the Deus ex machina playing its part at all possible occasions.”

- Dr Armin Albano-Mueller, Germany

“One of the best adventure/mythology books I have ever read” - John Anto Pandeth, India

Best Seller Rank #7 - Kraina Ksiazek, Book Sellers - Poland

All 3 books in the Payyoli Trilogy ranked in the ALL TIME TOP 20 in “Adventure,Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends and Mythology” with The Payyoli Triaina at # 6

- Hotbook Sale.com, USA


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Mohan Narayanan

Mohan Narayanan is today one of the most internationally read Indian authors writing in English. He is among the top three contemporary  Indian authors and enjoys around 500,000 references for his works in both google and bing searches. Extremely philosophical by nature, his themes have covered a vast range - adventure, history, mythology, science fiction, modern life, spirituality and philosophies & religions of the world. A prolific writer, CUTS is his 5th novel in seven years.