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The Payyoli Pendant A Techno-Tantric Tale

by Mohan Narayanan

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Tower.com (USA) - Leading Booksellers - Sales Rank: as in January 2015

#38 in Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology (See Top 100 Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology Bestsellers)

“The combination of Mythology with modern technology and reminding us of History (past) and prophecies of Teleportation and Time Travel (future) makes this book a fascinating reading! “ - Dr Armin-Albano Mueller (Germany)

"This is an amazing manuscript" Cynthia Sherman, Book Reviewer (USA)

"A worthy contender to Harry Potter !!!!!” - J. Anand Subramanian (India)

"A profound story - thoughtfully and carefully crafted. Written so beautifully about the mystical journey of mankind. The ending is deeply moving as the Author speaks to the questions of the body without the soul. This book will appeal to a large audience as it deals with morality and choices and technological advances. The message transcends time and place" - Joanne M, Review Manager (USA)

"Highly spiritual in concept, cleverly and unsuspectingly woven around the basic Hindu dogma of "Atma (soul) & Paramatma (God)", the book conveys plenty of the positive aspects of the Hindu culture - the values of Family & Religion - side-by-side with today's high technological skills of the Indian younger generation” - P Ravi Varman (Movie Director, India)

“An adventure/thriller novel as gripping as the Harry Potter series, this is a book with a definitive Indian message. A must for all children - especially Indian kids living in the UK, USA and elsewhere abroad" - Dr S Chandra, a Reader (UK)

“The book is combining Hindu mythology, fantasy and modern technology into an intriguing adventure around the world. The book helps to understand peculiarities of Hindu culture and it is especially good for teenagers yearning for great adventures!” -Päivi & Santeri (Travelogue Writers, Finland)


Mohan Narayanan is today one of the most internationally read Indian authors writing in English. He is among the top three contemporary  Indian authors and enjoys around 500,000 references for his works in both google and bing searches. Extremely philosophical by nature, his themes have covered a vast range - adventure, history, mythology, science fiction, modern life, spirituality and philosophies & religions of the world. A prolific writer, CUTS is his 5th novel in seven years.



The Payyoli Pendant





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