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The Portrait -1986 Arranged Love Marriage 2

Author Name: Hemasri | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

There is a saying, "Villian's for the previous generation love story were parents and society. Also, villains for the current generation love stories are neither parents, nor the society, but the complicated mindset of the couple themselves." 
 As kids, we watched love stories where couples faced a lot of problems from society and parents.
 Let's just take a break from that tradition! Let's get back to 1980, and witness one happy and happy ending love story of those times! Enjoy this short and sweet love story - 'The Portrait- 1986' where there were ideal people who wholeheartedly accepted and supported true love!
 There is another story linked with this one- 'Arranged love Marriage', where you witness a current generation interesting love story, where the couple themselves create complicated situations and emotions out of confusion and ego. Enjoy them!

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Why did I start writing stories? 
 Writing is the best way I channelize my attitude, emotions, insecurities, and anxieties. This hobby has become my new love!
As I enjoy writing stories, so will you too enjoy reading them.
 Adding up a fact, we are quite happy in our dream world. Aren't we? Reality can be influenced by several negative factors. But, the imaginary world can be as you wish and as you design it to be. 

Why should you read?
 If emotional intelligence is the backbone for humans to be called social animals, then literature is the tool that can bring consistency in their society. It is a known fact that humans don't have to start their journey for knowledge from the scratch. Everything recorded by the previous generation is learnt, and the rest is researched. Similarly, we don't have to learn life skills only through our own life experiences. They can be obtained by depending on good books too. You can depend on mine for the same. 

Why should you read MY stories?
 Our parent's or grandparent's youth was very different from that of ours. They found a person and a family they can love for the rest of their lives and stuck on to that one love, no matter what! But, I do see my generation being significantly confused over the concept of love. Reading my stories helps you realize what it feels like when you are in true and valuable love. 
 The destination of the characters in my story is a happy ending. This is decided by me for being the Author. But, the beautiful journey the couple travels in, for them to be in love with each other is the sweetness in love you should witness.
 While freedom and technology are grabbing the potential to drive the current youth a bit crazy over love matters, I believe the emotions written in my stories can guide them through those confusing though times.
 I wish my stories can save a few hearts from being hurt, while they are being wrongly carried away by infatuation. I hope my stories can channelize the youth's strong emotional energy to something good, productive, and proud; rather than mistakes, guilt, and shamefulness.
 Please enjoy my stories while being benefitted from them!



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