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The Power Of Infinity "Health, Well Being, and An Anticancer Lifestyle"

Author Name: Anupkumar Shetty | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

This semi-autobiography has been used to explain the science and logistics of living a cancer-free life. A sincere attempt has been made to bridge secular and spiritual life, the science of cancer, and the science of wellness. This book conveys different ways to beat cancer and prevent cancer by systematically attacking the cancer cells with an anti-cancer lifestyle. The book has five sections. The first and the fifth sections summarize the book for a busy reader. The second section is on fighting cancer as the last game of your life by comparing this battle to world cup finals of any sport you like by diligent, unfailing team building and intelligent, blissful execution. The third section is about the prevention of cancer. Cancer survivors have to prevent cancer to remain cancer free. All of us have to prevent cancer in our life to be cancer-free. This section is an amalgamation of the science of cancer, mathematics of cancer, an anticancer lifestyle, and appreciating and realizing the infinite power within us. It explains about surrounding the body with healthy five elements (earth, water, air, fire and space) as in healthy food, healthy liquids, healthy air, healthy level of stress, and healthy companions to heal from and prevent cancer. By democratizing spirituality, the author stresses that we all have access to Infinity, God, or Brahman in this life without waiting for it to be an afterlife experience. Some universal, mostly non-denominational, contemporary, non-dualistic and potent Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist texts have been quoted to efficiently describe these methods. These are logical and contemporary and can be practiced by all citizens of this universe of all faiths and ethnicity including atheists. 


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Anupkumar Shetty

Anupkumar Shetty - MD, FASN, CPE  is a cancer survivor, a public speaker, author, educator, a Certified Physician Executive and a nephrologist at Dallas Nephrology Associates and Methodist Dallas Medical Center. He studied at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and furthered his training at KEM Hospital Mumbai, University of Toronto, and Henry Ford Hospital, Michigan.


He is an expert in Peritoneal Dialysis and has been a speaker for the American Society of Nephrology, National Kidney Foundation, Annual Dialysis Conference, and the American Academy of Yoga and Meditation. He learned yoga in his medical college.

Dr. Shetty has received multiple teaching awards. He has been endowed the prestigious TIPS Physician of the Year award in 2018 and The Greater Dallas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce Award in Medicine and Science in 2014.

He is the author of the book, Hinduism Simplified and many peer reviewed publications. He has survived colo-rectal cancer since 2004 and likes to share his experience of surviving cancer, preventing cancer, and suggests that every commoner can experience ‘Infinity’.



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