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The Pursuit of Finding Myself Self Sabotaging to Self Empowering

Author Name: Priyankkaa | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Do you often feel that gender bias still exists in society?

Do you ever suffer from toxic patriarchal work culture?

Do you find yourself self-sabotaging and lacking confidence despite having desires and dreams? 

Do you have dreams to fulfill, but find yourself held back by traumas?

Have you ever experienced a lack of a strong bond between a parent and a child?

Do you want to shift your life and connect to your inner self?

Do you want to take a step towards living the life you always dreamt of?

The Pursuit of Finding Myself will help you develop a better understanding of the various challenges women face in different aspects of life. As you flip through the pages of this book, you will start realising that many similar stories exist in our houses and offices, yet a few have the courage to confront them. This book will connect you to your inner child, who may have experienced similar traumas as shared in the book. It will empower you to make decisions for yourself and break free from self-sabotaging behaviours, leading you towards self-empowerment. 

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Priyankkaa is a certified Success and Mindset Coach, along with being an experienced NLP Master Practitioner. She is an astute professional with an experience in different corporate sectors. She is also well-equipped with the knowledge to figure out Financial Risk aversions for organisations and groups. She has expertise in conducting Coaching and NLP workshops. 

Her mission is to coach people and help them lead a fulfilling and happy life. She has been consistently updating her knowledge and skills for coaching and is now on a mission to make an impact on the lives of millions of people for betterment.

As a Coach, she has helped people heal and overcome their inner child traumas and made them realise their self-worth, abilities, and potential to lead a life with positivity and vision.