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The Riverton Case

by PB Kolleri

Format: Paperback

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Jeremy and Rachel set sail for Indian shores at the behest of a fabulously wealthy Indian Maharajah, to solve a case unlike anything they’ve encountered before. The journey takes them through the lives of Indian Royalty, and gives them a fascinating glimpse into the charmed life of British India.

Rachel and Jeremy must travel back in time to 1945, towards the end of an Era of the British Raj to solve the baffling murder of a beautiful young English woman - Kitty Riverton who was found murdered in a marble folly, on the grounds of the magnificent Dharanpore Palace.

They must also race against time to retrieve the spectacular Royal ruby necklace, ‘The Pride of Dharanpore’, which was went missing, on the night of the murder. Their investigation takes them through the murky labyrinth of Palace intrigues and politics, where nothing is as it seems and motives abound.

Set in 1947, England and India, The Riverton Case is an intriguing sequel to PB Kolleri’s first two books, ‘Murder at Rutherford Hall’ and ‘Murder at Ravenrock’.


The Riverton Case





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