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The Self Conquering Battalion…... The Dancers who Started Dancing Within!!!

Author Name: Juliet K. Mondol | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The book deals with middle-class women who have children and other responsibilities to meet. They are busy fulfilling all their roles beautifully but in return are depriving themselves of what they really want. Have we ever asked ourselves what we really wanted? I am asking all the women. Actually, by the time I completed writing…I thought that my friends have almost forgotten about this. They did not know what lay ahead except for completing the chores and being held responsible for something not properly managed or rather not having the time to do so. It was wonderful to see that the virtual learning mode made a lot of changes in their lives. They were willing to come across as companions, as friends who would have self-compassion and have thus developed the love to grow their own boundaries of emancipation. They now started looking for things they have missed, maybe looking in the mirror and saying “I am worth it” or “yes, I am beautiful”. My friends evolved and so did I, because now I knew that I could make a change that costed nothing except for the internet which in today's world has a variety of packages.

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Juliet K. Mondol

I am a psychologist by profession. Over the years what I understood is that we all need help in some part of our lives. Being in a social profession, I have seen many people who would like to make changes in their world ..but can’t due to some restrictions. It could be stigma, stereotype, prejudice, or any other family tradition that has left us unheard. I know I am not a messiah who can make changes in people’s lives easier but what I knew was that I had an immense understanding of human behavior and how it works within the environment. A psychologist is a mental health worker which means that I have a social responsibility to take care of the mental health of people. Understanding the stigma attached to this what I wanted to show the people is that, that change can be brought about with the smallest things. You do not need a clinic or chamber for that. What you need is the ability to modify human behavior and make it functional to the highest degree. You need to feel what others feel and realize it by placing yourself in their position. That is what I tried in my little way of teaching my friends who were untrained dancers. I tried to make them connect with themselves. Thanks to my teachers and supervisors for making me the person I am.



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