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The Slaves of debt! Dr Renji Issac poems

Author Name: Dr Renji Issac | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

The slaves of debt, Voice of river, Desk, Fire Pit, Evil Arrows, Cremation,Dummy, Cutting Edge,

Enemy ,Time ,Morning Star, Heedless, Human and 

Frenemy are the main content of this book. All the poems are differently but genuinely observed and written.

The feelings of the poet are very true. Because the world is moving, but the people are changing. People always observe the life through telescope of never ending life span only.

People are turn back to the ultimate truth, they all depend the crowd voice. The truth always like sun will come out if any resistance or there or not.

The hooks and crooks of the prople on the innocent may get a temporary gain , but that won’t sustain.

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Dr Renji Issac

Dr. Renji Issac's poems are exclusively outstanding to influence the readers. The vision shared in general subjects is truly changing the reader's view. Apart from making believes the poems are effective to touch nostalgia. The poems are going through mysticism, nature, love etc.

The poet is a writer of simple languages with a genuine viewpoint for all kinds of readers. The readers will get nostalgic feelings and even true feelings about the situations. Dr.Renji Issac's poems are leading the readers to a new level of thinking and are suitable for genuine poetry lovers.

He wrote more than forty books in different genres including academics, research and selh help books.



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