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The Small World of a Maverick

by H B Subrahmanyam

Format: Paperback

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The Small World of a Maverick” is altogether of a different genre’ respecting the wise counsel of Swami Vivekananda, “He who says, ‘not me’, but ‘Thou’ the Lord fills his heart.”

Though it is primarily an autobiography the “I” is consciously subdued to “i” with the emphasis more on “You” and “He.”

The eleven episodes narrated in essence are real and the discerning readers would surely vouch for their authenticity as they too may have experienced similar incidents.

The author, H. B. Subrahmanyam, is a retired senior officer at a public-sector bank. His extrovert nature, ability to empathise and penchant for writing have helped him in narrating the episodes that bring a great deal of cheer to him whenever he fondly reminisces about his banking past.

He believes that a person who can laugh at himself never ceases to be amused and that a person’s character is more informative when there is something about him to laugh at.



The Small World of a Maverick





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