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The Strange Fanatic finding the missing puzzle

Author Name: Sohini Dutt | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Set in the West Midlands, Birmingham, the story revolves around the family of Masons, the most prosperous and reputed family in town. Things take a setback as on the evening of Christmas Eve, Maria Mason, the daughter in law of Barbara Mason, goes missing. Authorities find no evidence worth suspicion and the Masons are left in agony and distress, especially Maria's husband, Jacob. It is however after nearly half a month, that the authorities confirm about Maria's whereabouts, however what awaits the Masons leaves them baffled to their core!!

What happened to Maria on the evening of yuletide? How did she go missing? Why did she go missing? Where did they find her? And how?

The most unexpected turns, unimagined twists and a worthwhile journey through finding the truth, this book is everything that you need. 

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Sohini Dutt

I am Sohini Dutt, belonging to the state of Assam, from NorthEast India. I am a final year student pursuing my graduation from Miranda House, University of Delhi. As a student, I have been an active volunteer in several youth organizations like the World Youth Council and Net Impact, Delhi University. I have been a literature buff since my school years and English as a subject has always been my most loved. Owing much to this love for the subject, I have always been engaged in creative writing and literary works. I have been a published WordPress blogger for over a year now, writing on a plethora of content including poetry, travel diaries, horror fiction, myth busters and research articles. Fortunately enough, I have earned an international audience of readers from across the globe and consequently my blogs have been published as podcasts on a range of social platforms including Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. I wish to develop and improve my passion for writing with an obvious inculcation of this habit, through means of publishing my work in order to reach a more wider audience in my country. 

The author of "The Cryptic Night of December", this is my second thriller that will surely shatter your expected twists and leave you wanting more. 



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