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The World Within Thought Is the Root Cause of All Psychological Problems

Author Name: Prasad Gogada | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

If we look around the world, there is great misery and suffering of mankind. The human being has tried all possible ways to find peace and happiness on earth. He has invested most of his energy putting to order the external factors of his life, in the hope that this will aid in attaining peace. He failed to identify that the source of disorder is within, so order in our psyche, with the right education, can turn this earth into the veritable heaven that it is.

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Prasad Gogada

The author has been reading Jiddu Krishnamurti’s teachings since the past twenty years. His vast reading brought about a beautiful revolution within him, not against society, but by questioning his own understanding about life. It also lead to questioning the state of morality in our present society. How can a society thriving to be number one, using any means, talk of morality?

Inward psychological dependency on some book, person, ideology or practice came to a complete end for him. In a way, allowing one to enjoy the beauty of being silent, simple and humble. Passionate to tell the world that self-knowing is the primary education one should have, it still puzzles the author why we are failing to see that ‘the desire to become’ and ‘blissfulness of being’ cannot exist together. With this book, he wishes to try to help show the reader the enemy within, so that the reader can enjoy the beauty of silence and wisdom.