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Think 3 -Insights from Mythology and Everything around For Personal and Organisational Excellence

Author Name: Srinivas Mahankali | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

It is often said that there is no universal truth and there is no point in trying to search for the ultimate wisdom. Steve Hawking, one of the greatest humans and the most intelligent ever born was perpetually in search of ‘Theory of everything’ finally gave up one day. Most of us believe that there are no ‘Universal Truths’ and hence there is no such person who knows everything and all the angles possible but need to have the tolerance to ambiguity in everything. But what if this could be challenged, implying that it is indeed possible to discover a simple formula for easily managing the majority of things we come across?

The number 3 is firmly engrained in our lifestyle in many many ways.

The Holy Trinity we worship, The 3 great religions,

The 3 holy scriptures Bhagavad-Gita, Bible and Quran,

The 3 prizes, Gold, Silver and Bronze, that are issued in every game or a competitive event

The urge to finish at least in the top3 in any sport or studies or in the marketing.

Is it that there is something magical about the word 3 or is it that the human being is happy to remember ‘3’ of anything without much difficulty?

As we explore this phenomenon more and more, we can discover that understanding the importance of ‘3’ and consciously embedding this knowledge helps us to be much more productive in everyday Personal, Official or Social activities. Let us delve deeper into the ‘Magic of Three’ and how we can apply to design new solutions as well!



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Srinivas Mahankali

Srinivas Mahankali is author of Corona Wars, the highly acclaimed World's first STEM fiction book. He is an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore. SM is a Senior Technology & Business Development Professional with over 30 years of experience of which, over 15 years is CXO level experience is in Technology organizations. Passionate about evangelizing emerging technologies, he actively participated in training programs, webinars, authored papers, books and conceptualized University certification programs. He has successfully steered large scale & complex digital transformation programs in India’s leading Logistics group of companies.He participated in & implemented large scale Digital Transformation, Business Process Reengineering, Busienss Excellence as well as Balanced Score Card initiatives. 

He has authored Books on Blockchain, STEM Fiction and emerging Technologies AI, ML & Cybersecurity & Smart cities. His recently authored Blockchain & Smart cities, Blockchain for Non IT Professionals and Co-authored Blockchain Consortiums along with Varun Singhi & Murthy Chitlur.

His book Blockchain the Untold Story & Successful Organizations in Action is the world's first book to be translated from English to Chinese using AI Bots.

He actively mentors Start UPs in Blockchain space and frequently conducts training webinars to large groups of learners across India & globally in free time.