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Timeless Alpha

Author Name: Vaibhav Vijay Ratnaparkhi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In "Timeless Alpha," meet Yash, an ordinary man who is thrust into an extraordinary journey when he crosses paths with the mysterious Kriyansh. Suddenly, Yash finds himself not just witnessing, but participating in the legendary war at Kurukshetra—a war that defies time and space. Guided by the profound teachings of Lord Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita, Yash confronts his inner turmoil, fears, and past mistakes. Each lesson, each encounter on this ancient battlefield, brings him closer to understanding his life's true mission.

Returning to his present-day life, Yash discovers a transformed world. The wisdom he gains not only equips him to conquer his personal battles but also offers a new lens through which to view life. However, the internal battle has only just begun. "Timeless Alpha" is an enthralling tale of personal transformation that seamlessly fuses the age-old wisdom of Eastern philosophy with the intricate dilemmas of modern existence. Get ready for a captivating read that challenges you to introspect, question, and ultimately comprehend the essence of life, duty, and destiny. Embark on this timeless journey and discover the alpha within you.

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Vaibhav Vijay Ratnaparkhi

From Aurangabad's historic heart, Vaibhav Vijay Ratnaparkhi masterfully navigates the worlds of banking and finance, despite being an introvert. He's deeply passionate about football, chess, and cricket, and also values introspective drives where melodies resonate with his soul. Vaibhav is the embodiment of his parents' aspirations, consistently turning to introspection for life's guidance. His writings, such as 'Pre-mortem - The Art of Deleting Regrets' and 'India - The New West,' meld ancient wisdom with modern insights. Beyond the financial domain, his diverse interests include geo-politics, the mysteries of space exploration, and the concept of time travel.
Formerly an IAS aspirant, his current path intertwines finance, sports, storytelling, and philanthropy, transforming life's challenges into enriching adventures.



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