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TIMELY TRANSCRIPTION A lifeline that will last a lifetime...

Author Name: Priyanka S Raju | Format: Hardcover | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Adversities strike without warning, usually like a bolt from the blue. 

Whilst we often focus on picking ourselves up in such times, we overlook the importance of shielding ourselves from going into a downward spiral. There are a million factors that have the potential to cause this downward spiral, but the one that stands out is “Conversations.”

This book is about the power of conversations, and about the importance of negating the destructive effects caused by them.

This is also the unveiling of “Timely Transcription” - a vital line of thought to negate the destructive effects caused by conversations.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith – Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and only two-time #1 Leadership

“Powerful and insightful! Priyanka Raju creates a compelling story of the real crisis that happens amidst harsh life situations. A must read!”


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Priyanka S Raju

An entrepreneur by day and author by night, Priyanka Raju dons several different hats. When she isn’t chalking boardroom strategies as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, IIHT, she invests her time crafting unique life-experiences as a writer.  

As reading unclogs the mind, travelling brings new perspectives. And writing gives it expression. Just what Priyanka’s indulgence has been over the years. Combining all three successfully, she has spent the past decade travelling and meeting people from diverse cultures all over the world. This book, her first, is an expression of those interactions.

For her, life’s all about touching people’s lives. Understanding the purpose behind it, and the importance of negating the negative conversations clogging the human mind – all of which she’s nurtured over the years to stop people from spiraling downwards when confronted with unexpected, unanticipated life events. 

What unravels is the culmination of her interest in studying real-life situations and human behaviour in varied situations. A struggle to inspire, and to move people with the power to transform their experience of life through ‘critical conversations.’ 

“Timely Transcriptions” is the culmination of that vision.