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Top Ten Mistakes of Parents A Guide of Common Parenting Mistakes

Author Name: Guru Gaurav Arya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

The purpose of this book is how you can do good parenting. As everybody knows, today's time is changing at a fast speed. And now everything is going challenging for everyone, in relationship-related matters. One of these is the relationship between parents and children. When someone becomes a parent, they think many things in their minds and feel too happy. They feel anxious about their child as well.

But now the question is that this worry required? So, I think yes! Because children are the mirror of parents' karma. As per the Puranas and Shastras, children are our ancestors or our past birth connection. Many things stress parents and children in between life, like misunderstanding, generation gap, ego, etc.  However, this book depends on my personal experience and incidents around me. So, I'll endeavor to help all parents ask for a promising career and be apprehensive about their child's life. Maybe this book hurts your feelings because toxic parents never understand their faults. As an astrologer, I witnessed many family cases that parents are unhappy with their children. Children are also dissatisfied with their parents.

So, I think somewhere is something problematic between children and parents. What do you think? Are parents like a god? So, it is true because the creator of anything is God for their creation, but the second question is that humans cannot become God because humans are the idol of mistakes.

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Guru Gaurav Arya

Guru Gaurav Arya is an Indian Astrologer and researcher. He has been practicing astrology since 2007. Now, after completing many cases, providing Astrological Services in the world. At the beginning of their career, he was a Mechanical Engineer. After the completion of Engineering Projects, he started Astrology Consulting. Now, The Guru Gaurav Arya is a leading name in Indian Astrology. He wrote many books on spirituality; he explained the spiritual systems in his books. 

Guru Gaurav Arya has a lot of pupils from the world who always get guidance from him. The Chief Minister awarded guru many times at Uttarakhand. He is continuously writing self-help, motivational, fiction books. In 2018, Guru wrote his first book, "Shree Shani Samhita," the best book on lord Shani dev, a Hindu deity. After that, he wrote many spiritual books on Indian spirituality.            



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