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TRUMPLANDIA Stories from New America

Author Name: TIBERIU DIANU | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

Trumplandia: Stories from New America is a collection of essays written between May 2016 and October 2019 about the transformation of America, a united nation that has become more divided than ever. Some pundits predict that if things don’t change another civil war could occur. Have we reached a point of no return? Hopefully, America is mature enough to learn from its mistakes and avoid further scars along its evolving history.

“Tiberiu Dianu is a specialist in law, politics and post-communist societies… His latest book, titled Trumplandia, is a welcome addition towards understanding current events, Washington’s international policy, and the present American society; a society polarized and divided as it has not been since the Civil War… Mr. Dianu makes in-depth assessments of important events in today’s America and achieves not only fine descriptions, but as an expert in the field proves to have a “gut feeling" for them. For example, the author understands, and at the same time feels, the meaning of rising patriotism and nationalism as a shield against a yet not fully understood impact of globalization.” - NICHOLAS DIMA, PhD, Adjunct Professor and Research Associate, Nelson Institute, James Madison University, Virginia.

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Tiberiu Dianu (born in 1961) is a native of Romania and a US citizen. Tiberiu has practiced law in Romania (as a Corporate Lawyer, Judge, Senior Counselor at the Ministry of Justice, University Professor and Senior Legal Researcher), and in the United States (as a Legal Expert for the Judiciary). His publications include several books and book chapters (published in Romania, the Netherlands and the United States) and a host of articles in law, politics, and post-communist societies (published in over 100 journals and blogs worldwide).

Tiberiu is a recipient of a Romanian Academy Award (1996) for the book Transition and Crime (Bucharest, Oscar Print, 1994). His other books include: Criminal Law: General Part (Bucharest, Hyperion XXI, 1992, co-author); International Penal Protection of Human Rights (Bucharest, Lumina Lex, 1996); Manslaughter: A Legal Study on Causation (Bucharest, Lumina Lex, 1996); Constitution of Romania 1991: A Critical Approach (Bucharest, Oscar Print, 1997); Non-Custodial Sanctions: Alternative Models for Post-Communist Societies (New York, Nova Science Publishers, 1997); Criminal Case Law, Vol. V: Statutory Offenses (Bucharest, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 1998, co-author); and Criminal Law Reform (Bucharest, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2003, co-author). Tiberiu currently lives and works in Washington, D.C.



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